Why disney cruise?

Imaginative play in a vivid environment and Disney-themed entertainment are just some of the exciting offerings available for your child to have fun in a. Disney Wish · Family · Adults · Children.

Why disney cruise?

Imaginative play in a vivid environment and Disney-themed entertainment are just some of the exciting offerings available for your child to have fun in a. Disney Wish · Family · Adults · Children. Disney has been entertaining kids for decades, and Disney Cruise Line's “Pirates in the Caribbean” party is no exception. Most of today's parents grew up with Disney, so it's a name we trust.

Although usually more expensive than other major cruise brands, Disney Cruise Line offers peace of mind. There is something to be said for safe and clean fun and, like many other parents, I know that I can usually find it with Disney, whether it's their theme parks, children's movies or Disney Cruise Line. If you've ever considered booking a Disney Cruise but said “no way after seeing those prices, the impact of the sticker is real.”. Our staunch Disney family (seriously, we take a trip to the park to Walt Disney World or Disneyland four times a year) had always dreamed of taking our love of Disney to the high seas, but every time we did the math, it always seemed like we could take several park vacations for the price of a single cruise.

So when we were invited to enjoy a 7-night Disney cruise to Alaska from Vancouver, we walked out the door faster than Captain Mickey could say: “All aboard. So, are you wondering if it's worth it? You'd better believe it. I didn't have high expectations regarding the food on this cruise, as I had been consistently disappointed by the meals on other cruises I've taken on competing lines. But glorified theme park food, this is definitely not.

At Cabanas, the informal restaurant, the buffet was a real feast for the eyes, and then for the stomach, with a seemingly endless parade of offerings that changed daily. My 5-year-old loved eating the cold seafood bar with his eyes, almost eating his weight in succulent crab claws and mountains of shrimp; my husband met his partner at the carving station; and even my picky little boy managed to get something to eat on every visit. Many families make it a priority to indulge in at least one dining experience with one character as part of a Disney park vacation. Depending on the food, park, or resort you choose, these can cost a dime, so it's often a lower than average buffet rate.

On your Disney cruise, you can book a table for a Disney VIP character breakfast at no additional charge. Indulge in all the Mickey waffles and other delicious breakfast staples your heart desires, enjoy table service with an a la carte menu (don't run to the buffet, you worry that a character will arrive at your table while you're gone), while your favorite characters make the rounds. Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy visited our table at Wonder. Cruise ship accommodations will always mean closer rooms than an average hotel, but having navigated several other main lines, I was surprised at how much more spacious the DCL rooms are, with much more storage space.

But, the best part was how much the hostess in our stateroom helped us prevent our room from becoming the disaster that normally occurs when our family of four shares a hotel room. Cleaning services may be standard at most hotels, but this was a next-level “buzzard”. Your stateroom host will visit your room at least twice a day, usually sneak in during daytime excursions and dinner, and apparently never be there when you want to be too. In the morning, they will make the beds (store any sofa, bunk bed or pull-out bed), tidy up the room, change towels, and remove trash and room service items.

While you're having dinner, they'll come back and transform your room for bedtime, cut the curtains, lower and make the beds for the kids and, of course, leave adorable Disney-themed towel and chocolate characters on your bed. We really feel like we're walking into a new room for the first time twice a day, every day. Disney Vacation Club members, who receive minimal cleaning services during their stays at Disney resorts at no additional charge, will find this service particularly luxurious. These one-day onboard celebrations transport your ship to a galaxy far, far away with special appearances from droids, stormtroopers, Jedi and even Darth Vader himself, or they'll bring you face to face with your favorite Marvel heroes and villains for encounters, training sessions and epic stunt shows.

If you love musical theater and never miss the chance to watch Disney shows live on stage, you can't miss Broadway-style productions by top talent. Our favorite was the Oscar-inspired “Golden Mickeys”, which gives special prizes to beloved Disney characters and features favorite songs from The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, and many more. We also loved “Frozen, A Musical Spectacular”, which brings the film and all your favorite musical moments to the stage, and “Disney Dreams An Enchanted Classic”, which features characters and music from classic and inspired movies such as Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Cinderella and Aladdin. While the base cost of your cruise doesn't cover “Port Adventures”, DCL talks about shore excursions, this was another area where Disney really takes things to the next level.

It's not mandatory to spend money when you get off the ship, you can definitely explore the ports on your own. But, if you want to enjoy everything each destination has to offer, especially on an itinerary like ours in Alaska, sometimes a harbor adventure is really the best, or even the only way. However, even with all the excitement these excursions offer, if you are traveling with young children with short attention spans, you will inevitably find times when you might need a little extra help to keep them entertained. We took an educational trip back in time at the Liarsville gold rush camp in Skagway, learned about the gold rush and how to search for gold.

Sure, that's a lot of fun on its own, but when a team of Disney friends showed up, the excitement multiplied. Chip and Dale fooled around with the families, posing for photos and even trying to take some gold for themselves, while Donald Duck made an appearance, on a sharp Alaskan flannel, to take pictures in front of a waterfall. In a later adventure in the port of Ketchikan, Goofy kicked off the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show by inviting the children in the audience to participate in a hilarious series of warm-ups before being amazed by the athleticism of the lumberjacks as they competed for top honors. This is just a sample of all the magical moments that our family experienced on our Disney cruise ship.

Sure, you could take a similar itinerary along a competitor's line for a lot less, but you get what you pay for and, if you ask me, Disney pays you dividends. Would I do it again? You better believe it, we set sail on our next Disney cruise this September. Highlighted by impeccable service, Disney Cruise Line has made a name for itself in the hospitality industry. Its four cruise ships Magic, Wonder, Dream and Fantasy resemble the luxurious ocean liners of the 1930s, and the overall decor of each ship has rich but subtle Disney touches.

Whether you're an older adult or a younger millennial, you might want to consider booking a Disney Cruise for adults. On Disney's largest ships, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, there is also a second dining option exclusively for adults, Remy, a French-inspired restaurant named after Ratatouille's beloved character. Engaging Frozen and Marvel's Avengers-themed dining experiences will delight guests of all ages, and there are several adults-only experiences that prove Disney fun isn't just for those under 18.You may want to do some research before opting for standard Disney Cruise insurance to make sure you have enough coverage for potential trip cancellations, missed connections, and emergency medical evacuations based on your unique needs. One of my favorite things about vacationing at Disney Parks is getting into that Disney bubble and experiencing the magic that comes from being surrounded by people who live and breathe Disney and love to pay for that magic.

A stylish Star Wars-themed bar, dreamy outdoor spa, Disney character-influenced lounge and barbershop, and Beauty and the Beast-inspired restaurants offer adults the opportunity to relax in enchanting spaces designed just for them aboard the Wish. Because you're likely to book well in advance to secure better prices and popular Disney Cruise activities for adults, travel insurance is especially important. To celebrate its victory at sea, Disney Magic sends streams of fireworks into the air that explode and flash above. In Twice Charmed, the now-married Cinderella must overcome her stepmother's new evil plots, while in Disney Dreams, Peter Pan helps another young woman follow her dreams.

In addition to its commitment to high-quality customer service, Disney Cruise Line has something for everyone when it comes to food and beverage options. Movie buffs who never miss watching the latest Disney movies in the cinema will love the lineup of Disney movies and classics that premiere throughout the day at the stunning Buena Vista Art Deco Theater, inspired by the golden age of cinema. . .