The most necessary items for your Disney survival kit

Think the magic only applies if you’re a kid? Not so. Disney is fun for all ages, but sometimes us adults feel like the young ones get the bulk of that magical fun. Something to do with the added responsibility I suppose. Still, you can make sure everything goes smoothly by preparing a “survival kit”.

Here’s the adult survival kit for Disney:

  • Headphones and a good podcast or two for those times when you’re waiting in line
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, and other sun blocking goodies. There’s a lot of sun in Socal. Come prepared
  • A kindle or e-reader. You know how much reading you can get done in the downtime or while standing in line? Tons.
  • A nice portable vaporizer. I’d say the Haze V3 because it allows you to pack a few bowls at once. No need to take a “bathroom break” as often. Another good option is the Arizer Extreme Q if you’re looking for a desktop vape to stow away in your hotel room.
  • Portable battery charger. You never know when you’ll need to recharge that phone.
  • Hand sanitizer. You know how many nasty germs are hiding on the teacup ride? So many.
  • Snacks. Nobody likes grumpy low blood sugar dad.
  • Water. Nobody likes to get dehydrated either. Bring a refillable water bottle or three and you’ll avoid standing in line to pay $5 for 16 oz of water.
  • Comfy shoes. Remember you’re going to be walking all over the place and standing in line for hours on end. Leave the flats at home and take a pair of comfortable running/walking shoes instead. Or consider a pair of cushioned insoles.
  • A portable battery powered fan. It gets hot standing around in the sun all day.
  • Some 375ml half bottles of wine. I’m a big fan of Last Bottle Wines, and they often have some good Chardonnay, Cabernet, and other great deals on wine.

Other things to consider

A medicine bag. Got any prescriptions you take? Children’s tylenol? Band-aids? Stuff like that is crucial to have because the last thing you want to do in the case of an emergency or sickness is try to find the nearest store.

Important local phone numbers and addresses. Of course, in the event that you do need to get in touch with a local pharmacy, police, fire department or congressman it helps to have that information ready at hand. Take a moment to write down or save a file with any relevant information you think you might need.

Do you have any tips on special items to bring on your disney vacation? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll update the article.