The DILFs of Disney

MILFs are old news. Apparently DILFs is now a thing. For those of you who have trouble with acronyms, we’ll spell it out for you – “Dads I’d Like to F”, who you’d like to…well, let’s just stay family friendly and say, “spend time getting to know”. It’s no big secret that Disney brings out the ultimate in dads doing their best to keep the kids happy. Several rules apply to dads accompanying their children at the most magical place on earth. First, a dad must not sulk at Disney, nor can they complain. In fact, they must prepare to go all out, dressing up, engaging with imaginary figures, and spending lots of time and money.

Luckily dads of the millennium are up the task, and many of them take parenting to proud new levels. There’s a whole new angle on the dads of Disney, started by this Instagram account but you can get an idea of the content by checking out some of the pics below.